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Recommendation Report Assignment:

Create a Justification/Recommendation Report
proposing a positive change you want to make in an organization in which you
operate (military, business, civic, church, family unit, club, etc.).

Topic: New policy or

memo style format with date, to, from, and subject. Include
headings for each of your sections (examples below): Significance
of Problem: explain the issue/problem you want to change. Alternatives/Solutions
1, 2, and 3: this section should include three recommendations describing
benefits (pros), disadvantages (cons), and any costs associated with your solutions. This could be a strategic
place to include paraphrased or quoted content from a source to support your
viewpoint or to show costs. Conclusions
and Recommendations: summarize your ideas and end with your specific
recommendation. Reference(s):
a minimum one (1) reputable source must be cited and referenced in APA style to
support your ideas. Sources such as credible websites, are acceptable. There
should be at least one corresponding citation(s) showing paraphrased or quoted
content used from each listed source(s). The
paper should be a minimum of one page in length. A title page is not required
since you are using a memo style format for this assignment. A reference page
is needed and is not included in the page count. Must
be in APA style formatNote: Revise assignment below to reflect
a Justification/Recommendation Report with cost comparison.

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